Passages Malibu: The Best Rehab Center for You

Since 2001, Passages Malibu has been providing one of a kind luxury rehab for all those who want a respectable and private place where they can be treated under professionals with positive results. With a highly comprehensive list of options for treatment, Passages Malibu focuses on the true meaning of luxury with the best kind of comfort you can find. This rehab center is unique with its different approach towards attaining not only physical wellbeing but also better psychological health. Since the past 15 years, Passages Malibu has been home for many across the world with its spacious area and a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. It continues to provide various treatments and remedies for those in search of intensive care for serious addictions.

Our goal at Passages Malibu is to make you connect with yourself and guide you through the important parts of your life. The time you spend with us until you pass out is guaranteed to be filled with comfort, luxury, and peace. With more than 60 hours of individual therapy conducted by a professional team of addiction experts, Passages Malibu brings the ultimate experience of luxury rehab. Our team of experts caters to your needs and brings customized treatment that is effective and comprehensive.

Prioritizing your physical and psychological needs, we at Passages Malibu provide comfort and recovery from the hectic treatment in the form of yoga lessons, healing massages, and reflexology exercises. Apart from these three activities, a spa is necessary to rejuvenate yourself and help you with the intensive treatment process.

With all facilities present, Passages Malibu also provides a personal trainer who vigorously works to pursue your treatment and keep addiction away. An array of fitness centers, tennis courts, and many other updated facilities are added for your betterment and rejuvenation. If you are looking for an addiction free life and trying to want to begin your life again, call us at Passages Malibu a one of a kind luxury rehab center with a dedicated team of experts who help you in healing quickly and effectively.

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Chris and Pax Prentiss, the Co-Founders of Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss, co-founder, and CEO, along with his father Chris realizes the pain that addiction causes to the addict and his family. Chris helped his son Pax fight against his addiction to alcohol, heroin, and cocaine which had lasted for over ten years. Soon Pax realized his worsening condition and sought for a comprehensive treatment to feel better. Holistic healing was the key in bringing the change in Pax’s condition and what helped Chris to support his son and start Passages Malibu, luxury rehab center, in 2001.

Initially, Pax was introduced to a common group therapy which made him feel ashamed of his condition and made him doubt his strength. It made him believe he was powerless which was far from being true but ended up being his cause of relapse each time. A helpful personal discussion with an expert was not an option back then, but now, Passages Malibu provides this platform to all those want to leave addiction behind.

The treatment at Passages Malibu is successful for many who choose it as an option because after seeing the lag in various treatment programs themselves, Chris and Pax have incorporated strong solutions which work for the majority of the people. After going through the painful time of addiction and rehabilitation, they decided to come up with Passages Malibu, so they could help those who are in need of it.