The Story of Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss in his youth was troubled and was heavily addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin while his father was clueless about his addictions. Over ten years, Pax managed to drag his way through life and was left alone without a way to support his addictions. One day, he was compelled to confront his family with the truth about his lifestyle.

With time Pax came to understand that the euphoria caused by his addictions was nothing but temporary while they harmed him more. This realization made him fight against his addictions and quit. His father helped him and enrolled him in all kinds of AA and 12 step programs, but there was nothing that could help Pax to recover fully.

Pax found nothing but ridicule and harshness from the community that was supposed to help him heal and the shame of attending group meetings was another aspect. He tried searching for positivity but found nothing except negativity surrounding him. Instead of helping him, these caused him to relapse multiple times.

He further disliked the approach of these programs to restrict his activities restraining him from electronic devices and even regular chores. Such restrictions made him consume drugs and alcohol more rather than reducing his intake. He felt like he was being punished while all he did was ask for help.

Chris understood what his son went through and realized it was the way the society and such programs functioned. A customized treatment was needed for Pax which saw the addiction much more than just a disease. This is where the thought of Passages Malibu began, but neither Pax nor Chris were aware of this.

They broadened their research and found different medications and unique healing practices that were unknown to them. A combination of both Eastern and Western philosophies helped Pax reflect on his addictions and identify the reasons behind them. He approached them from a place of strength rather than weakness and managed to help himself.

After overcoming his addictions, he opened Passages Malibu in 2001 along with the support of his father. They used the different techniques and philosophies to help the clients that approached them. Pax is glad that he fought his addictions and managed to make it through them to improve himself and believes that he can help others who are in his place through Passages Malibu.