All about Malibu, California

Malibu is a part of Southern California and is located on the northern side of the Santa Monica bay. The area is beautiful and unique with subtropical beachfront while also having mountain ranges inland. The locals will give you all the information necessary about where the celebrities, elite and surfers stay in their beautiful houses, the five-star restaurants they dine in and the fabulous boutiques they shop from. This place away from excess population and noise is perfect for recovering from addiction.

Even though Malibu lies only a mere 30 miles away from the Metropolitan area of Los Angeles, it is quiet and peaceful for a perfect resort area, unlike other places in LA. The surroundings are welcoming and make you feel at home. The weather is wonderful throughout the year and the sun out almost every day. A day seems perfect with a sunrise over the Santa Monica mountains and a sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Things to do in Malibu

While you’re residing in Malibu these are some amazing places you can visit:

  • Malibu Pier. You can look at surfers, dolphins and even find movie stars at this monumental pier in the California State Park.
  • Malibu Farms. Paying a visit to the Malibu Pier? Get an amazing organic meal from the high brow cafe!
  • Point Dume. This huge nature preserve covers large dunes in the surroundings and even has a mesmerizing viewing platform which is accessible by a boardwalk.
  • Getty Villa. If you’re interested in art, you can find artwork over 7000 years old here.
  • Surf Museum. A surfboarding fan? You’ll come across exhibits at Pepperdine University dating from the 1910s.
  • Malibu Country Mart. One of the best places for gourmet dining and fancy shops in the Malibu Civic Centre. Gardens, sculptures and a mountain range as a background view give this place a charming look.
  • Malibu Lumber Yard. Located right next to the Country Mart, this place includes designer stores like Burgerfi, Maxfield, and James Perse.
  • Malibu Seafood. Right across the Dan Blocker Beach is this unique eatery. The ahi burger is the best we’ve had from here.

Let’s not forget the beaches:

Amarillo Beach. Some mesmerizing views that are clear during a low tide.

Zuma Beach. Dolphins! You’ll find them here.

Leo Carillo Beach. A beach preserve that covers 1.5 miles of the base of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Ready for a Good Time in Malibu?

With humble and hospitable locals, Malibu is filled with lovely shops, gourmet restaurants, and beautiful beaches ready to be explored. If you want to spend some quality time in isolation while recovering, give us a call now.