The Philosophy at Passages Malibu

What makes Passages Malibu unique from other luxury rehab centers worldwide is the main philosophy it holds. We believe in positivity and rather than referring to your addiction as an illness our team of experts keep the negativity at bay since it only hinders the treatment. Our dedicated staff helps you heal both psychologically and physically.

Successful rehabilitation is possible only when internal strength is present which motivates the person to fight against his urges and change his habits. To make someone believe that they are nothing but helpless in such a situation ends up being counterproductive during the treatment. Addiction is not your identity at Passages Malibu, and you will not be humiliated because of it.

The integral philosophy at Passages Malibu chooses various techniques to help you with your addiction such as therapeutic exercises, non-toxic, holistic modalities including acupuncture and nutritional supplements. While other regular rehabilitation centers only consider physical detoxification, Passages Malibu focuses on mental, physical and spiritual connection with you so you can recover quickly with long lasting results throughout your life.

What Causes Addiction?

Our philosophy aims to remove relapse as an option as a part of our treatment. With one on one talks with our experts and the privacy was given, you have the time you need to believe in yourself and regain yourself to decide what is best for you. Once you enroll yourself at Passages Malibu our team will explain what we believe are the four main causes of addiction:

  • Chemical imbalance
  • Unsolved problems from the past
  • Inability to deal with the present situations
  • Believing in things that are not true